KN95 Face Mask (filtering facepiece repirators) IN STOCK!
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KN95 Face Mask (filtering facepiece repirators) IN STOCK!

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IN STOCK! If you want to try our PPF2, the EU-certified masks you can do so HERE.

Description: We have non-FDA (general use KN95) available. This particular batch is mixed, with both FDA approved (under the EUA for Non-NIOSH Approved Appendix A) and general use masks.  Both masks are produced at the same factory however the Medical masks only allows for medical settings and/or state, local agencies.  What we are giving away to medical settings and state/local agencies are the FDA approved masks while the ones we are selling here are the general use masks.  These come in a pack of 10.

Your cost is $2.50 per mask, or even cheaper if you order 20 or 30 masks!  We aren't going to gouge you!!  

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR ORDER to only what you believe you NEED, and a maximum of 30 masks to allow others in need to order.  

Note that this shipment is coming in wrapped packs of 10-masks per pack, so we are only offering these in a 10-pack, 20-pack or 30-pack.  We want to keep these in their outer wrapping to keep them sterile!


Note we are not be able to ship international orders from China due to the increased trouble shipping from China, if we can't ship your order w/in 14 days we will refund non-US shipping address orders.


With our expertise in sourcing from China we have decided to offer these masks in this time of need.  They are KN95 masks, the KN95 mask is essentially the "N95"mask but they are certified from the Chinese government rather than the N95 mask from the USA.  For a comparison and information about the differences you can check HERE.  NOTE we are NOT able to offer the FDA approved masks to you or the general public, we are reserving those for State & Local agencies and approved medical settings only. These were only VERY RECENTLY approved for import to the USA.

The KN95 Masks were approved by the FDA for use in the USA on 4/3/2020, find out more details HERE. Our masks were approved and released from FDA/Customs inspection on that same date (April 3) after being held up for several days for detailed inspection.  You can confirm this with the tracking from UPS HERE. Note that these were held up by FDA authorities until the 4/3/2020 date when they were allowed into the country and cleared.  Note these are being sold in quantities of 1000 to hospitals and other entities for $2.96 each, or more.  We had a pharmaceutical company call us on April 8 asking for 200 masks urgently as the only supply they could find for their US-based manufacturing operation was selling the masks for $15 per mask! Now that is price gouging and profiteering and we do NOT condone that, which is why we are limiting masks to a maximum of 30 per order.   


This photo came from one of our customers, she is wearing it under a cloth mask to keep the KN95 clean as long as possible.  Thanks Jon for your support and so glad we could get this to you to give your sister!

 100% Brand New and High Quality

KN95 disposable mask, made of good quality material, covering the mouth and nose, prevents the drops from spreading. The mask can not only protect it from airborne particles and contamination, but also makes it comfortable to wear. Practical safety masks designed for domestic and professional use.


【KN95 disposable mask】 KN95 disposable mask, sanitary and convenient for use.

【Multiple layer and superior quality】 internal hydrophilic layer + filter layer + hydrophobic layer. Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable.

【Prevent drop and 95% Filtration】 By mouth and nose and prevent the drops from spreading? Simple steps to wear. Effectively protect against your dust infection, especially when you are outdoors.

【One size fits all】 elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes.

【Wide application】 domestic and professional use, perfect for daily use, outdoor activities.


White color

Material: non-woven fabric

Standard: GB2626-2006 KN95

Protection class: KN95

Filtering rate: ≥ 95% (0.075μm particles)

Package size: approx. 22 * 17 * 2.5cm 

Package weight: approx. 7g per mask



How Long Can I Use Each Mask for Safely?  

There is no "expiration time" on these but as they are recommended for "single use" we recommend you use each mask for no longer than 8 hours of continuous use time.  If you are home and isolated there is no reason to use the mask, we recommend you use a mask anytime you are in public, such as at the grocery store.  While these are non-medical masks, for medical recommendations on mask use by the CDC click HERE.

Why Are You Selling these when my local health care professionals don't have access to them? 

We are a very small company and this is our very first shipment of these coming from China.  We only have a very few to start with and ordered them precisely because we couldn't find any masks locally ourselves.  if you are a health care professional or represent a hospital or some one else in the health care industry and want to order a bunch of these we will be very happy to facilitate that for you and offer the medical grade (FDA approved) masks for that use.  Please keep in mind that these are NOT FDA-approved for medical use, we cannot sell those to the general public.

We aren't out to make a huge profit on these, we wanted to get some for ourselves and our families and since we have a supply chain set up in China and an online shop with integration to our shipping software and our warehouse staff could use the extra hours to support their families, we thought this would be a win-win to offer these here.

 We are primarily interested in making these available to people at a cheaper price than you can find elsewhere.  We couldn't find them available anywhere in the USA for immediate shipping so thought we would try to help out on that.

In addition, we are donating 10% of all FDA approved medical masks we are able to secure to local medical needs here in Utah and out of state too.  If you are looking to donate cash toward this cause we recommend THIS campaign.

Is this really a fair price?

Absolutely.  The costs of face masks worldwide has increased sharply due to the virus and we are being very careful to ensure we comply with relevant state Anti-gouging laws.  You can review those requirements HERE.  In fact, we have marked these up much less than any other product we sell!  We aren't offering these to get rich, but to provide these for our customers, after securing them first for our family, employees and loved ones.  KN95 Masks are being sold for $3.50 per unit or more with a minimum order of 1,000 by other sellers, when you can find them at all!

Are you sure these are legit?

Yes, these had to go through US FDA approval/inspection upon arrival into the USA before being released to us and we also have all the documentation of the FDA-approval required to produce these from the factory, along with tests and other certifications we received from the factory.  We would not be offering these if they were not "legit".  

We had our masks checked and held for 3 days by the FDA before releasing them to us. If you click on the UPS link here and then click the "shipment progress" and then "detailed view" you can see the FDA and customs held ours for 2-3 days while they verified ours were legit and finally released them to us.

Check the tracking here.

Yes we pay customs/duties on these and get FDA clearance on every shipment.  Here is our most recent customs/duty fees paid, note the 7% import tax on this shipment.

Update: May 7, 2020:  

Note that on May 7, 2020, the FDA "banned" the use of 65 of the 84 Authorized Chinese Manufacturers of  KN95 masks FOR MEDICAL USE.  While San Bang was not one of the 11 factories tested specifically by the FDA/CDC, it was temporarily banned for MEDICAL USE for 45 days to give the factory time to re-submit it's certification documents and re-quality.  Note that this ban is ONLY for MEDICAL USE, so we do NOT recommend these for medical use.  You can read more about this in the May 7 NY Times article from that date HERE.  For personal use these are still safe as per the article:  

"N95 masks, many of which are also produced in China, provide better protection against coronavirus particles than cloth or surgical masks, and are coveted by health care providers and emergency medical workers. On April 3, drastic shortages of the N95 masks led the F.D.A. to allow imports of similar masks, also from China. Millions of them have been imported."

Note that these non-medical masks fall outside of FDA oversight as they are:

"Other face masks, face shields, and filtering facepiece respirators are marketed to the general public for general, non-medical purposes, such as use in construction and other industrial applications. Because they are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, FDA device marketing authorization is not required, and all the other requirements of the FD&C Act do not apply to manufacturers, importers, and distributors of these products."

Check the FDA documentation excluding our masks from FDA oversite on page 8 HERE.

Still worried about if these are "real" or "fake"?  Please watch this video and do the test yourself when you get the masks:


I'm still mad, how can you be profiting in this environment? 

Let me state your case more clearly, we recently got an email from someone stating:

"I see you are selling N95 masks to the public.  Do the right thing and donate these to  a hospital in need.  Your company profiting off the coronavirus is deplorable.  The public DOES NOT need to wear N95 masks.  They are for close contact with infected people in hospitals. I am a registered nurse and I work face to face with patients sick and dying from COVID-19.  I risk my life and my family's lives to care for these people. N95 masks are used for close contact settings in hospitals and are not need to protect the average Joe Schmoe walking around.  That you are selling these to make money and not even considering donating the ENTIRE STOCK to healthcare workers on the front lines, frankly says a lot about your company.  And what it says is that you are willing to risk the lives of healthcare workers to make a buck.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  As hospitals around the country are looking for these masks to protect eh very people on the front lines, here is Sleeve Kings .. waving these masks out there to the public.  I cannot express enough how sickening this is. I am about ready to post this horrible profiteering far and wide on social media because people should know this is going on from your company .. but I will pause .. take a breath .. and give you a chance to course correct and do the right thing for hospitals and healthcare workers."

 First, we would love nothing more than to donate millions of masks right now to all health care workers worldwide.  But these are NOT N95 masks, these are the close cousin to them of the Chinese equivalent which until early April no hospital in the US would use.  The factory making these is not taking N95 masks from the front lines and putting them in the hands of people who don't need them.    Consider the other side of this coin, the email came in within 5 minutes of the above:

"Hello. My name is XXXXX and I live in Salt Lake City... I’m a retired Registered Nurse. Graduated from the University of Utah. I’m asking for some help from you. I have a disease that , to put it simply, is an immunodeficiency. CVID. I get ill very easily and basically self quarantine every day. I receive infusions every week to keep me as healthy as I can be. I’d love to be out working with my fellow colleagues if I could but I can’t. I have to wear a mask anytime that I’m outside or whenever someone comes into my home. My problem is that right now I’m not able to purchase any right now. No one is selling them to the general public. But I’m not just general public. I have a condition that if not protected, a simple virus could kill me. What I’m asking for is a couple of masks. I’ll purchase them and pay shipping. I’d love to get like 10 of them but if I could get one that would be wonderful! Could you do that for me? I’d be so grateful."

Our intent is not to deprive those fighting the front lines of the equipment they need, only to allow a small number of similar masks for cases like this lady above, and the 70-something elderly couple who called us and asked for a few masks so they could feel safer going to the grocery store, and a distant friend who messaged us on Sunday with this:

"I’m hoping you can give me a heads up when you post the masks. My daughter and I both have an autoimmune disorder and my husband has beat cancer and bi-lateral blood clots and luckily survived a heart attack just last year. He needs to be protected too. I’m interested in purchasing some from you and what my immediate family won’t need I will be donating to some of my friends in the medical Field. Right now I’m terrified because my son is living in NY, basically at ground zero for the US right now. He has asthma and is honestly scaring me. I’m trying to remain rationale, but I just want to give my family members a little extra protection."

A retired nurse emailed us this:

"Hello. My name is Michelle. I live in Salt Lake City. I was watching the
5:00 news tonight and saw the great job you are doing getting the masks to care givers that are in need. Thank you! I’m a retired Registered Nurse. Graduated from the University of Utah. I’m asking for some help from you. I have a disease that , to put it simply, is an immunodeficiency. CVID. I get ill very easily and basically self quarantine every day. I receive infusions every week to keep me as healthy as I can be. I’d love to be out working with my fellow colleagues if I could but I can’t. I have to wear a mask anytime that I’m outside or whenever someone comes into my home. My problem is that right now I’m not able to purchase any right now. No one is selling them to the general public. But I’m not just general public. I have a condition that if not protected, a simple virus could kill me. What I’m asking for is a couple of masks. I’ll purchase them and pay shipping. I’d love to get like 10 of them but if I could get one that would be wonderful! Could you do that for me? I’d be so great full. Please contact me at your convenience."

Other recent emails:

"Thank you for responding so quickly to the pandemic and getting these manufactured. I just ordered a few for my dad who turned 80 this month. It makes me feel better to have him used a filtered mask when he has to go to the grocery store. Bless you. " -Allison O

"To whom it may concern;
Hi. My name is Sherman A., and I am in need of some of those masks! My sister-in-law is a respiratory therapist working long, hard hours at St. Bernadine's in San Bernardino, St. Mary's hospital in Apple Valley, and Loma Linda University Medical Hospital. She is one of those health care professionals who goes into work not sure if she will be provided appropriate PPE to protect herself from patients exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. We have a large family of supportive people looking high and low for masks, and so far, we have not found a reliable source of protective masks. If we could purchase as many of those masks as possible, our entire family would be eternally grateful! Thank you for your time, "-Sherman A.

"Not all heroes wear capes. You guys are awesome. I have been attempting to find some masks for my household since I have two elderly parents that are in the at risk age group. Bless you guys for all that you do in these times. Thank you!" Tin N.

Maybe it isn't the best thing in the world to sell these very few masks we have at a slight mark up, but we could easily sell them for much more somewhere else and are trying our hardest to balance making enough profit to feed our own families and still offer these where no one else is.  We respect your right to disagree with what we are doing and any of you who knows of anyone needing a larger order of these, please contact us and we will be happy to facilitate getting a larger order than we can afford to make to those places that are willing to use KN95 masks during these difficult times.  We are happy to report that since starting to sell these here we've been contacted by several larger institutions and have been able to provide over 60,000 masks to various health care institutions in Wisconsin, Florida and even as far away as Brazil!   

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