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Tool Presetting

Company Overview

NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO WORKS LIMITED, the industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of advanced Tool Holding Systems, CNC Rotary Tables and accessories and ELBO CONTROLLI SRL, a major player in the fields of Tool Presetting, Inspection and Tool Management Systems, are delighted to announce that they have now commenced a new global Strategic Alliance.

Both companies have a long-standing synergy and this strengthened relationship allows the two technology partners to innovate and move forward both their products and solutions ‘Closer Together’



TP32 Tool Management Identification System

TP 32 is a program dedicated to the management of the tool repository woven in as a fundamental component of the productive cycle and as such inserted in a system in which information must be accessible to people and presented in a simplest manner.

TID (Tool Identification Manager System)

TID application is born from the need to have an instrument that allows creating, easily and at a reasonable price, a tool identification system interface with:
- tool presetter unit

Pulling Force Meter

Pulling Force Meter

he PFM is a measuring instrument that allows, in a simple and quick way, the measurement of both machine tool and presetting machine spindle clamping force. Thanks to its interchangeable adapters, it can measure the pulling force for ISO/BT, SK, ASME, BIG+ PLUS, NIKKEN 3LOCK 40/50.

The kg measures have an approximate 3% tolerance. Accuracy and repeatability depend on employment conditions and correct positioning in the machine spindle.