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Milling Attachment

Company Overview

For over 40 years, Alberti has been a leader in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality right angle heads. Established in 1978 with three employees only and an offer of few models, today the company boasts over 50,000 heads installed worldwide, a total of thirty employees and a list of reference customers which includes the most prestigious brands of the Italian and international industry Thanks to its wide range of products which include standard and custom built solutions, Alberti was able to satisfy the market needs irrespective of the different sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, etc

Angle Heads


this range of angle heads is designed to be used on machining center with ATC tool changers and therefore can be mounted in the tool magazine.A major feature of the control heads is the main input shaft,which Is integral with the driver taper to ensure maximum rigidity.

Head with fixed 90° angle

Head with special fixed angle

Head with offset center

Head with internal coolant ( high pressure)


heads of the modular line are suitable to be mounted on traditional machine and are attached to the spindle through a flange. They come with interchangeable shank and universal flange. Modular system makes it possible to extend the length of the body by adding a spacer.

Modular head with fixed 90° angle manual mounting

modularhead with 2 axis adjustable angle manual mounting

modular head with adjustable angle

High Speed Solutions

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